Upholstery or Slipcovers

If you’re looking to update and refresh your home’s interior then new upholstery or slipcovers is definitely the option for you.


Many people have discovered the advantages of reupholstering. More than likely, you’re comfortable with the pieces of furniture you have.  Maybe it’s a sentimental piece that has seen better days.  Ever wonder why your old furniture has lasted so long? It probably has yesteryear’s built-in quality. Why throw away something that has served you so well?  Your treasured antique or favorite chair possesses the same character and charm as when you first bought it – it just needs a little tender-loving-care to bring it back to life, and that’s exactly what new upholstery offers.  Restoring the beauty and comfort of your timeless pieces. 


Upholstery isn’t the only option for you if you’re looking to revive an old piece… Our custom fit-like-a-glove slipcovers are a great option and still give your furniture that new, fresh look. Our slipcovers can be washable, which is a big plus.  Most fabrics are machine washable, so you can keep the fabric looking fresh and clean all year round. We will advise of any fabrics that are dry clean only.  Consider getting 2 slipcovers for a fresh new look throughout the year.  

Our success comes from anticipating customers needs, attention to detail, and high quality control standards, providing you with products of superior workmanship.  

Send us a photo of the piece you are considering and we'll give you an estimate of what the cost will be.  text Zona @ 515-254-1007

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